CBED Update

Our database is growing! Last year, we launched the Chesapeake Bay Expertise Database, a tool to connect Bay scientists. Anyone can use CBED to find collaborators, speakers, and mentors, as it is searchable by name, institution, expertise, research interests, and Chesapeake Bay management areas.

There are currently 252 scientists enrolled in CBED, ranging across dozens of institutions. The number of enrolled scientists from each CRC member institution can be seen below:


Comparing CRC member institution scientists enrolled in CBED

The database also features researchers from government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, US Geological Survey, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, NOAA, and USDA Agricultural Research Service.

The majority of the researchers in CBED are professors at their respective institutions, but the database also includes postdoctoral fellows, research fellows, department directors, PhD students, program coordinators, professional researchers, and even a few economists.

Most of the entries include a website and an email, so colleagues and perspective students can easily find Bay researchers.

If you haven’t already joined the database, please do so using this Google form.

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