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Welcome to the CRC Publications database. Here, you can search for and access CRC publications dating back to the 1970s, but excluding historical publications produced by the CRC for the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) partnership’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC). Historical STAC publications are archived in a separate database that can be accessed here. These include CRC-facilitated STAC Review Reports and STAC Workshop Summary reports on a wide variety of topics dating back to 1984.
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Alliance for Coastal Technologies Workshop Proceedings: ACT 2-02, University of Maryland Technical Report Series TS-2-374

Toward a Sustainable Coastal Watershed: The Chesapeake Experiment – Proceedings of a Conference 1-3 June 1994

Increasing the Access of Minority Institutions to Chesapeake Bay Restoration Activities Proceedings of a Workshop

Chesapeake Bay Fisheries: Prospects for Multispecies Management and Sustainability

Perspectives on Chesapeake Bay, 1994: Advances in Estuarine Sciences

A Selected Bibliography of the Effects of Tempurature on Aquatic Animals

Chesapeake Diamondback Terrapin Final Report

Chesapeake Basin Research Directory Who’s Who in Chesapeake Bay Research Version 2.0

Perspectives on Chesapeake Bay, 1992: Advances in Estuarine Sciences

Chesapeake Basin Research Directory Version 1