Career Development

Developing the next generations of research scientists, educators, and managers who will work on issues relevant to the protection and ecologically sound management of the Chesapeake Bay is a critical part of CRC’s mission. Through summer internships and entry-level environmental management positions, CRC provides opportunities for individuals looking to start their careers studying, protecting, and restoring the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Summer Internships


Credit: Madison Fort

In partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Chesapeake Bay Office, CRC offers paid, twelve-week summer internships in a range of fields including fisheries management, habitat assessment, ecology, scientific field support, data analysis and modeling, and environmental policy development.  The internships combine field-based experiences with administrative and technical support duties and offer a unique opportunity to contribute to large-scale, long-term ecological research critical to understanding Bay habitats and living resources. Internships are open to undergraduate students entering their sophomore, junior, or senior years of study.  Select internship positions expand eligibility to recent graduates and graduate students.   Descriptions of each opportunity along with eligibility requirements and application instructions can be found here.

Environmental Management Career Development Program


Credit: Nicole Lehmer

Through the Environmental Management Career Development Program, CRC works in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Program to provide three-year, entry-level positions for individuals looking to begin their careers in the environmental science and management fields.  Positions within the program focus on topic areas such as fisheries management, habitat restoration, water quality, watershed health, data analysis and modeling, climate change, stewardship and outreach, diversity, communications, and adaptive management.  CRC’s Environmental Management Staffers assist the Chesapeake Bay Program in their restoration efforts by providing coordination and administrative support and assistance on technical and management projects.  In addition to the three years of work experience gained through the program, Staffers mature professionally by participating in a variety of group training and educational opportunities, individual professional development experiences and volunteer activities.  For a detailed look at the program, please click here.

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