Collaborative Research Around the…

collaboration-ovalHere is a list of articles from the Collaborative Research Around the Bay section of the CRC Chesapeake Quarterly Newsletter.  CRC members are an active bunch, addressing some of the most critical issues in Chesapeake Bay. In this section of the newsletter, we highlight collaborative projects involving investigators from two or more CRC member institutions, whether recently completed, on-going, or newly initiated.


May, 2017

Changing Chesapeake

Book Chapter Written by Bay Scientists

Mid-Atlantic regional Impacts and Assessment Program Update

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Research & Collaboration

February, 2017

Mid-Atlantic Regional Impacts and Assessment Program

Delmarva Conservation Partnership

October, 2017

Center for Integrated Multi-Scale Nutrient Pollution Solutions

Effects of Watershed and Shoreline Characteristics on Habitats at the Land/Water Interface

Real-time Forecast Tool: Chesapeake Bay Dead Zone

Climate Change Impacts on the Phenology of the Chesapeake Water System

Chesapeake Bay Shallow Water Modeling Project