Opportunities for Young Scientists:…

A regular feature of our Chesapeake Quarterly Newsletter is the Opportunities for Young Scientists: Training, Education, and Research (OYSTER) section.  Here we feature educational and internship experiences that CRC is either directly involved with or have been brought to our attention.  Below is a summary list of these opportunities sorted by the newsletter edition they were featured in.  These opportunities may have expired by the time you are viewing them but please make note of the deadlines as many of these opportunities are available annually and the timing of deadlines is generally the same from year to year.

May, 2017


Atkins Minority STEM Scholarship Program

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Women & Minorities in Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math Fields Program (WAMS)

February, 2017

Penn State Climate Science Research Experience

University of Maryland Sea Grant for marine research on Chesapeake Bay

University of Maryland Eastern Shore for marine and estuarine science

Virginia Institute of Marine Science for research experience in several areas of marine science

NCBO/CRC Summer Interns